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Melita Lewis is an American-born illustrator of the surreal and fantastic.  Her inviting pictures strongly appeal to those believing in magic but may also convince the dubious.  Melita has a solid background in narrative illustration, be it for books, films, or digital devices, she is well suited creating any work of art which aids in telling a story.  Like any good adventure, her illustrations can range in mood from the pleasantly winsome to hauntingly macabre.  She finds the act of marrying pictures with words a great way to express her fervent imagination.  Melita currently produces original works for use as illustrations and limited edition prints.


Illustrator: Melita Lewis

Melita Lewis



  1. -Narrative Illustration

  2. -Children’s Book Illustration

  3. -Character Design

  4. -ConceptArt

  5. -Portraits

- Design

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